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DELOTTA BROWN: Poolside Smothering!

DELOTTA BROWN: Poolside Smothering! DELOTTA BROWN: Poolside Smothering! DELOTTA BROWN: Poolside Smothering!
Sexy Delotta Brown enjoys being outside by the pool when she smothers her slave. Delotta gives her slave a good facesitting and breast smothering session before moving the breathplay to the bathroom. Once inside, Delotta places a dog chain around her slave


‘Let’s shag, baby! Do the freaky-freaky, like we do!’ That’s the sort of groovy lingo you’ll hear from the temporally-displaced spy Austin, who looks resplendent in his green velvet pants. ‘I like it rough, Bay-bees, but don’t bruise!’ But the ‘Bay-bees’ – luscious, ever-busty Britanny and tasty Tori (both of whom have NEVER looked better), have other ideas entirely. As when Brittany whips his crotch while Tori smothers his face, or when Tori knees his chest while Brittany makes him kiss her buns. (‘I LOVE it, Austin!’) Or how about that great high-heel boot trampling, followed by merciless two-girl kicks to the ribs? Lots of facesitting and verbal humiliation in this totally fab opus. ‘My happiness is stepping on your hairy chest!’ screams Brittany, just before she WHIPS HIS FACE! ‘Don’t you love me, Bay-bees?’ Austin whines as they do the barefoot stomp all over his body. They rope his hands and feet, then trample him senseless and paddle his bony bum! There’s rapid-fire face-slapping, hair-pulling, toe-licking, ball-gagging and nose-pinching, nipple-clamping, hand and titty smothering! And check out the totally nasty c-and-b torment!


Clad in white satin and black trimmed exposed breast corset and fishnets, Maya could certainly keep most men awake and upright. Seems that hubby Jim Orlando has a bit of a sloth problem, which she sets out to cure – The HARD way! Maya straddles his face chiding him to give her what she wants. Whatever Goddess wants, Goddess gets! Making sure that his nose is deep in the crack of her ass, she chides him to (rise to the occaision). But she has no intention of allowing him any release. Watch as her black lace panty-clad pussy exhausts his air supply and his face turns red and then eventually purple. How long can a man take this grueling snatch sit? Maya also delivers Hand-Over-Mouth smothering. Writhing underneath her grasp, his veins start bulging from his forehead. Maya has things well in hand when she grabs his cock and starts slapping it hard! Maya starts purring about getting the clamps out and we are not talking about little dinky nipple clamps as she pulls out massive, industrial strength clamps from the local Domme Depot and attaches them to the very sensitive skin around his balls and then starts pulling! To get the jaws fully open requires a two-handed grip. THAT is how strong they are! Pulling and squeezing the twins, Jim learns what pain really is as Maya pulls and twists his cock, contorting it. She jacks him, then slaps him. No release. No let up in the teasing or the agony. Again, Maya sits on the face of her lazy husband and give him the full ass treatment.



That’s Ander, which does not really rhyme with ‘anger,’ though that is clearly what this girl is all about. She looks spectacular in her tight black fetishy corset, and you’ll watch every second of the way she clasps his wrists in cuffs. All the while, she slaps his face while smashing his nose into her snatch. If you like facesitting, this may be the most stunning example of the genre we’ve featured in quite a while. It is pretty obvious that she doesn’t care if he dies this way. ‘What’s the matter, titus?’ she coos as her gurgles and snorts and writhes…


What a lovely tableau-the ultra sexy Shay Sights and Kianna dozing in bed together, dressed in pjs. The girls wake up and talk about how they love to get each other off. Kianna suggests a ‘control thing’-by which she means smothering. The girls take off their tops, revealing four of the most extraordinary ever to stun you into silence. Shay makes her position clear: ‘I want to pass out!’ So Kianna climbs atop her body and wraps her hands around her mouth and nose for long seconds…minutes. She begins to wiggle and shake. Finally her pretty face is released and she gasps for air…but only for a few seconds. Kianna buries her roomie between her huge breasts, what an incredibly sexy vision! They massage each others tits slowly and then use those lethal weapons to restrict access to air. Perhaps the sexiest scene involves strangulation. Kianna wraps her hands around her girlfriends



Buxom Bitch breaks in and decides she’s moving in. The current tenant takes some convincing but she won

LISA LIPPS: smothering session!

LISA LIPPS: smothering session! LISA LIPPS: smothering session! LISA LIPPS: smothering session!
Lisa Lipps loves to dominate wimpy men. She really gets off on ass smothering and greatly enjoys a good facesitting session. If they obey her every command, she rewards them with hot felatio. Is her latest slave the obedient kind? Watch this sexy smothering video to find out!


Nicole Sheridan and Gina Rider – two outrageous babes in cut-offs – have found out that a guy named voodoo has committed the ultimate sin: He sold unauthorized pictures of the girls doing the nasty to a fetish magazine. And he didn’t give Nicole and Gina a cut of the profits! Well, these girls specialize in cut-offs – as in cutting off his air supply. ‘This is what you fantasize about, isn’t it?’ Nicole barks. ‘You want us to get rough with you!’ The girls wrap their hands around his neck and strangle him without mercy. Then they smash his face beneath their barely denim-clad asses. ‘Let’s make him pass out,’ suggests Gina. ‘Then we can sell all the pictures and keep all the money!’ No matter how much he begs for resolution, nothing can stop these bitches from shoving their big titties directly into his windpipe. ‘Let’s cut off all his oxygen!’ Nicole commands. You’ll love the way these topless bitches back their butts right into his mugs, then turn around for some nasty by-hand smotheration. Voodoo coughs and chokes and gags – this guy is really ready to go under! ‘I had sex with my boyfriend this morning,’ proclaims Nicole. ‘And he came in me, and it dripped out all over my jeans, and now your nose and jammed way up there!’ If you like to see noses shoved deep into dirty denim-covered twats, check out this action! This video features great victim’s eye viewpoints of the girls coming in for the kill. ‘This is your last chance


Chelsea and Taylor St Clair look absolutely smashing in their black evening gowns. They are late for a benefit dinner – and tickets cost a cool grand apiece. Unfortunately, their chauffeur shows up two full hours after the show started! So they lock the mofo in the dreaded smother throne, which keeps his head firmly locked in place. ‘Did you ever think you were going to die while being smothered by my ass?’ Taylor asks. He has no escape. In fact – he’s even smiling! This makes the girls even angrier. ‘He is NOT allowed to breathe,’ Taylor says, as he gurgles and spits and gasps for even a morsel of air. Chelsea considers this behavior disrespectful, so she slaps his face – hard. After another session of ass-phixiation, they remove him from the throne/prison, make him sit against the wall, and require his nose up Chelsea’s anal area. Taylor, for her part, subjects him to breast suffocation supreme. (Nobody has better equipment for this form of torment!) Then she backs up and yells: ‘Stick your face in my ass!’ Taylor lies on the floor, ass up, as Chelsea uses all her might to grind his nose deep between his cheeks. Taylor bares her breasts. Slays him on the floor face up, then alternates between titty suffocation and by hand strangulation. The girls sandwich his noggin between their bodies and require it into breastage and ass crevices. There’s HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation, twat asphyxiation, sock-suffocation, bare foot breath-play – and did I mention lots of ass-work? Other videos have had butt-chokitude, but nothing like this: This video gives you smash and cram and shove and gasp action to the MAX. Taylor sits on his head as he lies face down in order to require his head further into Chelsea’s rump.



The girls come home and find alix was trying on their clothes and playing with himself while they were gone. The girls get pissed and decide to teach him a lesson and take things to the extreme. Nikki starts by shoving his face into Avy’s ass and having him sniff it. The action soon changes to facesitting and ass smothering while the other girl grinds her crotch on his member. They continue on with constant grinding facesitting, ass worship, head scissors and even some breast smothering, and then they take out their strap-on dildo for a little extra humiliation.