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Well, if you are looking for some good, old-fashioned bondage, you’ll like the way this one begins: slave alix is in the dungeon being tied to the hard wood table by Mistress Jacklyn Lick, a svelte newcomer with a nasty disposition. Seems the dunderhead has been sniffing her panties. Well she caught him, and now she is going to tech him the lesson of his life. You’ll see the loving care she puts into tying those inescapable knots. ‘You scared?’ she asks. He should be! ‘You like to steal panties?’ she asks as she removes her outer clothing. ‘I’m going to make it so you can’t breathe using those panties to stop up your mouth. That means that she sits directly on top of his mouth (no WAY he can escape!) and subjects him to long, LONG-lasting breath suffocation. Look at the way she grinds it in! That’s one power pussy all right and she is content to hold it in place for ten minutes or more. When she finally lets him get a breath, he gasps like someone who just saw the latest federal deficit figures. But his reprieve last for only a few seconds – then it’s back to the HOM (hand over mouth) work. She counts out loud – slowly – all the way to 60. This is agonizing to watch – she interrupts the count a number of times, soothe scene goes on longer than a minute. AND she is sitting on his lungs! What cruelty no matter how much he flails, she won’t let him take a single breath. When she finally reaches 60 – well, I have never seen someone gasp for breath so desperately. Removing her shoes, she smothers him using her dirty bare feet. Then she turns around for some luscious ass-suffocation. ‘You want air or something like that? Goodness, you don’t want to breathe, do you?’ Following previous arrangement, alix taps the table to signal that he cannot take another second of smotheration. But Jacklyn, who does not believe In the rules, says ‘That just means another minute to me’ If you like to suffocation scenes that are long and painful and absolutely for real when they play on the edge, check out this video!


Its the morning after. Voodoo is recovering from THE killer bachelor party of all time. Stripers, blowjobs — the works. All captured on videotape. Well, you can guess what happens: His wife-to-be, Nicole Sheridan, and her hot friend Gianna Lynn find the video camera with the incriminating footage on the living room coffee table. Gianna tries to use the camera to take some shots of Nicole, but hits play instead of record. They both get a full view of all the illicit activity. Vengeance time! The girls straddle him and subject him to breast smothering galore. Listen to his screams for mercy! They slap him, then sit on his face — one girl on top of the other. This is comfortable! says Nicole. One less asshole in the world — and he’s going to die looking at an asshole. He’s also going to die hard — as they say in the movies. Seems that he becomes more fervently aroused the longer they keep their fingers clasped around his nostrils. I’ve got him by the balls! says Nicole. She squeezes his testes mercilessly while Gianna breast-torments him. At times, Nicole seems ready for one last fuck — but just before penetration, she slaps him down. Want to see one girl strangle him while the other pinches his nose shut? The C/b torment is utterly merciless. The girls use a scarf to strangle him, and then to tie up his genitalia. Nicole wont let him get off — this torment session is all about tease, tease, tease, with NO release. His only release will come when they have choked him into unconsciousness.


There’s no real story here. What ya got, see, are two sadistic bitch Mistresses, Sabrina and Malitia. Sabrina is the one with the long flowing blonde tresses, Malitia has the legs that go on for several zip codes. They’ve got hold of a bald lunk-head male named buddy. And they want to kill him slowly. That enough of a story for you? Details: Malitia subjects him to breast suffocation while her partner punches his guts. They tickle him, pinch him, pull his body hairs, smash his noggin, and subject him to long, long and brutal rounds of facesitting. Sabrina loves to dig that ass way in there! ‘Gee, he’s sure getting red’ Ooof! Listen to the way he struggles They hold his mouth shut by hand, then inflict ever greater ass-smothering torment. Propping his head against a hard wood chair allows them to dig their butts deep into his ugly mug. The girls strip down for some down and very dirty twat suffocation. Time to plug up those nostrils with labia and ass! Man, just look at the way his nose disappears between Malitia’s rump cheeks And then militia shoves his head into her partner’s bare twat man, check out the way she smashes baldy back into the womb! There’s foot-in-face action galore as Sabrina smashes his nose in and requires him to suckle her toesies. Then comes the double-bitch boob-choking


Lovely Francesca is indulging herself in some gymnastics, but a representative of her health club – statuesque Tanya Danielle – objects to her inappropriate attire. Fran’s nipples are visible, and that tiny wisp of cloth barely covers her beaver. ‘You’ll have to leave,’ Tanya insists. But Fran is equally adamant: She ain’t going nowhere. ‘I’m tired of being bossed around by bitches like you!’ she screams. Tanya has no choice but to teach her a lesson – which, in this case, means pinning her to the floor and planting her twat directly over Francesca’s gorgeous face. Tanya, it turns out, is not such a strict moralist after all – just look at the way she uses her huge melons to block her recalcitrant customer’s airways. The hand over mouth suffocation techniques make Francesca’s eyes go wide. This barrage is really getting to her! ‘If I can’t make you go,’ says Tanya, ‘I can make you unconscious.’ Fran flails like a flounder when Tanya requires her victim to shove her pretty little nose way up her butt-cheeks. Then it is time for a truly vicious round of by-hand suffocation. The airless periods keep getting longer and longer, while the little sips of air allowed Francesca are ever more desperate. This is girl-girl smotheration at its bitchiest and most dangerous! We’re talking about some sensual stuff – the girls keep losing their clothes, their huge tits keep flopping all over the place, and the facesitting grows ever more vicious – not to mention the tormentuous hair-pulling, the between-the-thighs choking, the required muff-diving, and more. Turns out these bitches really get into each other. Dig the way Tanya walks around with Fran’s face in her butt! Minutes go by while Tanya covers her mouth and nose – is this going to be it? Will Francesca end up a gorgeous, breath-less corpse?


Ah, the bounteous Egypt! Her astonishing tittage is unde-Nile-ably impressive. In this video, she plays a woman perpetually annoyed by the laziness of her boyfriend alix. What to do? Well, if he wants to make himself useful, he can just lay on the ground while she plants her buttocks atop his upraised face. This is extreme facesitting. She is clad (at first) in fetishy white latex, which robs him of every opportunity to take even a sip of air. Just listen to the way he gasps desperately on those few occasions where she takes mercy and allows him to swallow some oxygen! The emphasis here is on facesitting – and testing alix’s endurance. Just how long can he go without dying? I love the smoky, sultry way Egypt glowers into the camera – as if to inform you that you are next. The breast smotherage is just as enticing. Man, he practically gets buried under all that lovely flesh – especially after she takes off her top. This action is literally breathless!


Happens all the time: Dave is in bed with his girl-on-the-side Gianna Lynn, when his girlfriend Nicole, who (naturally) blames him, not her. After an instant truce between the femmes, they team up to DESTROY him. First, they subdue him with some harsh wrestling moves, followed quickly by face-straddling and pussy-straddling. Dave tries to explain: Hey, its not my fault youre a couple of gullible bitches! Now THAT makes em MAD. Gianna makes him drink the cum juices dripping out of her pussy. Then they perform delicious hand-over-mouth smothering, fierce breast suffocation, thighs-around-head scissor action, nostril pinching, and ENDLESS cunt smotheration. Gianna shoves his face into Nicoles ass, which grinds against his nose while Gianna rides his neck horsie-style. Nicole’s ass is a lethal weapon! Take that ass! Take it all over your fucking face! scrams Gianna as she assumes the position of shoving her fart-blower into his mouth and nose. But the real action starts when Nicole starts pumping his cock, teasing it, biting it. Is she going to get him off? No way. These fiendish bitches just love to grind pussy all over his gasping face while making sure that he never gets off. You LIKE being smothered! We have the POWER! teases Nicole. I guess he must love having his noses shoved into Giannas hell-hole — it’s obvious he wants release. But they will never let him shoot! I’m pushing that pussy down on your nose, and making an air-tight seal! Nicole squeals. Yeah, breathe! Get that pussy!


Sabrina and Kiss are two mad Femme-Dommes who own a dog. They’ve hired an animal care specialist (slave tristin) to walk Fido — alas, he loses the dog! Are the girls pissed off? Oh you bet. What to do? Well, they require him to lay on the table, then apply HOM (hand over mouth) smothering with pvc-clad gloves. ‘Wonder if he’s enjoying it?’ asks Sabrina, just before she plants her ass on his face. His nose disappears way up between those cheeks! He’ll be smelling brown for weeks to come, if he survives. Petite Kiss subjects him to nasty PVC-clad pussy suffocation, which very nearly causes him to pass out. Her twat lips wrap around his nose, completely blocking his airways. ‘I’m going to smother you with my bare feet,’ Sabrina announces to her victim. ‘They’re hot and sweaty.’ This si followed by nostril-pinching, butt-in-face trampling, lots more twat smotheration, ‘I’m starting to like him,’ says Kiss during a breast-suffocation session. ‘He takes his punishment well! Death by boobs!’ His pathetic little moans and gasps are hilarious. How can any man survive this level of facesitting suffocation? Sabrina allows him not even the slightest nip of oxygen! After some brief four-handed HOM-work, we are treated to the rare sight of two-girl FULL NUDE twat chokitude, which requires the girls to get nekkid and to assume some athletic positions. Shaved twat flaps wrap around his breathing apparatus. This is the video for you if you want to see some amazingly rude and nasty facesitting action! ‘I like squishing him like this,’ Kiss sneers sadistically. There’s more foot-in-face-work, followed by thigh-choking — and yes, even MORE naked facesitting! These girls are deadly.


Curvy Francesca and her lovely roommate Santana get into an argument over the television roommate. A kinky fight ensues. How kinky? We’re talking slapping, punching, leg scissors, face-sitting, smotheration, ass-cheek grabbing, LOTS of panty-clad pussy suffocation, full-blast kicks to the stomach, ultra-trampling (you’ve nefer seen girl/girl full-weight trample action like this!), breast smotheration (‘Get your big tits out of my face!’), fingernail scratching, vicious attempts to tear off breasts, two-fisted punches, ass-choking (‘Your nose is going right up my butt-hole!’), hair-pulling, a LOT more punching, neck stomping (leading to coughing and sputtering), and even NIPPLE BITING! (Samantha starts to cry – for real!) If you want to see two REALLY good-looking girls get into a REAL fight – genuinely violent – watch this video! It’s EXTREME!


Wanna see a girl/girl fetish session with two really cute ladies who are totally into each other? Want to see black skirts and red wrist cuffs? Want to see one girl’s head disappear completely as her attractive partner covers it in twattage? Then you want to see Ella and Ander Page go at it. Here’s the kicker: When Ella is completely bound at vulnerable, Ander Page takes out that red feather and tickles her without mercy. Ella, laughs, but believe me – it is excruciating. Deliciously excruciating. ‘You squirmer!’ Ander snickers. ‘You can’t get away! Have you ever been – smothered? You like not breathing?’ Well, there’s only one way to find out. Ander buries Ella beneath her power pussy, grabbing her victim’s hair and pushing that nose in deeper and deeper. Then the Mistress duct tapes her subby-girl’s ankles together, so that she can’t get away when she uses the feather to tickles her victim’s twat. ‘It tickles, but it feels awesome!’ Ella reports. So does the ass suffocation – just look at the way Dominant Ander grinds it in! And look at that boobalicious breast suffocation! ‘Do you like it?’ the Mistress asks. Who wouldn’t? Ella gasps and trembles. Turns out these girls know how to switch – time for lovely Ander to lay back in the cuffs and take a face-full of smotheration! ‘It seems that the only way you stay still is when I’m sitting on you’ Later, she warns: ‘Take a deep breath – because I’m going to see how long you can hold it!’ This is the video for those who like to watch long, lingering pussy choking and grinding butt-smothering between two perfect, lean little leather sluts. And the tickle torment is a definite plus.


Peter has committed the ultimate, and we mean the ULTIMATE sin: He has been rooting for a football team NOT supported by Mistress Francesca and Mistress Zana (who looks INCREDIBLE in her tight red fetish wear!). Now that is an unendurable insult! So they require him to the carpet and chain his ankles to the staircase railing. With his stomach fully exposed, he cannot help but flail and wail as they slap his stomach with their hands and with leather straps. ‘Nice and secure!’ cackles Francesca as his feet are locked into position. ‘I’ll get the rope!’ Zana says. You’ll see every detail of the process as they bind his wrists together while Francesca buries his nose and mouth beneath her power pussy. Yet this knot-head still refuses to support their team! So they continue to subject him to the most propulsive and hard twat suffocation any sub ever had to endure. ‘Oh, look at the pretty colors in your face!’ Zana coos as she slaps his magenta cheeks repeatedly. Then she doffs her costume in order to bury his face beneath her nicely-shaped tits. You may have seem double-bitch breast smotherage before, but nothing like this – and check out the way Francesca backs her ass up into his nose while Zana strangles him! ‘You hold his nose,’ Zana directs. Francesca does so – he seems to turn purple! ‘I do know CPR,’ Zana admits, ‘but I would never give it to him.’ This is followed by foot-in-face suffocation and LOTS of delicious boob smotherage. These girls POWERDRIVE those pussies into his head! Believe it or not, he STILL continues to resist – so Francesca makes a sincere attempt to breast choke him until he passes out. Then comes the ultimate in facesitting! ‘He can’t breathe, and he can’t move,’ says Zana. SO Francesca strangles him while Zana shoves her feet down his throat! In the end, they TIE A ROPE AROUND HIS NECK that’s right! They noose him into submission, combining the hangman’s approach with full-require pussy power!